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The SPSS Customer Service Department in North America handles non-technical assistance questions. For assistance outside of North America, please contact your local office. The frequently asked questions below should help you in solving your most common inquiries.

Students click here to submit a request for all support needs. You will need to log in or register as a new user.

SPSS Customer Service also provides assistance with the following:

The first four bullets below address the most commonly asked questions regarding licensing.

Where do I find my Authorization Code?

Your authorization code can be found within your shipment on a yellow sheet stand-alone sheet of paper with End User Information. Also, your order of SPSS software also enables an Asset Management Portal (AMP) where you can view your authorization code(s) as well as historical purchase information on-line. Historical purchase information is limited to purchases from May 5, 2008 and forward.

Your AMP can be accessed by going to http://www.spss.com/my_assets

Only the manager of the contract can access the AMP. To access your AMP, simply navigate to http://www.spss.com/my_assets and log in (or register if you are a new customer). After you log in, click on "My Assets." This will take you to your personal Asset Management Portal where you can carry out these activities.

You can also request an authorization code by completing our online Authorization code request form.

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What's the difference between a License Code and an Authorization Code?

The authorization code is a 20-character, alpha-numeric code which will unlock the purchased software and provide a license for use.

An authorization code, in combination with a unique identifier of the hardware you are installing on called a lock-code, allows the user to retrieve a license code. The software is then licensed for the duration purchased. This is accomplished with through the License Authorization Wizard during the software installation process.

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I installed the software two weeks ago and it was working fine. Now it's not working. What happened?

When you installed you may have by-passed the permanent licensing of the software and installed in trial mode. This trial mode allows access for two weeks, at the end of which if you have not permanently licensed the software it will time-out. To remedy this, run the License Authorization Wizard. Then, utilizing the authorization code provided with your order, you can license the software.

If you licensed your software but are still receiving an expiration notice, please contact Customer Service with the error message and number.

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I'm trying to reinstall the software and I'm getting error messages. Why?

The most common cause of these errors is based on the maximum allowable number of installations being met. For each purchase of SPSS software, SPSS will allow a certain number of installations (associated with the authorization code). Once that number has been met, no more installs are allowed. The number of allowable installs is based on the terms of the agreement you have with SPSS. Further questions in this area can be directed to your SPSS account manager.

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My order confirmation makes reference to an Asset Management Portal (AMP) what's that?

Only the owner of an order can access the AMP. If you are the order owner, simply navigate to http://www.spss.com/my_assets and log in (or register if you are a new customer).

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How do I change the password I use to access my AMP?

When you go to log in to SPSS, there is a link that reads "Forgot your password?" If you click this link you will have your password re-set so it can be changed.

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What are my software delivery options?

SPSS software can be delivered to you via traditional means CD via physical shipment or for many SPSS products, via electronic software download (ESD). SPSS recommends ESD where available because:

Ask your SPSS representative about delivery options when purchasing. Or, if buying from the SPSS Web store, software is available via ESD.

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How do I obtain SPSS software?

To obtain SPSS software, please contact your dedicated SPSS Sales Representative. Alternately, connect to the SPSS Web store or call 800-543-2185.

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What can I expect once I place my order? How do I track my order?

When you place an order with SPSS, you will receive an order confirmation via email. If you selected the delivery option of electronic software delivery (ESD), the instructions you need to download the software will be in the order confirmation email. If you choose the option of physical delivery, in addition to an order confirmation, you will receive a shipping confirmation with tracking number. You can also track a shippable order in your Asset Management Portal (AMP). For more information on the AMP, see above "My order confirmation makes reference to an Asset Management Portal (AMP) what's that?"

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Will I receive an invoice with my software?

Your invoice is mailed separately from the software shipment. The invoice is not packaged with the delivery. If you need an additional copy of your invoice, please contact the SPSS Accounting Department. In the United States contact accounting at 1.800.797.9745. Outside of the United States, contact your local SPSS office. You can find local SPSS office contact information on the SPSS Web site.

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What shipping providers does SPSS Inc. use? If my organization uses a different shipping company, can SPSS Inc. bill our existing shipping account?

SPSS Inc. ships software via FedEx unless otherwise notified. We can fulfill requests for other shipping companies and can bill your existing shipping account number if you contact SPSS directly.

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Who do I contact for pricing and shipping information outside of the United States?

You can locate a local SPSS Inc. sales office on the SPSS Web site.

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What are the SPSS Inc. payment terms?

Payment terms are net 30 days from date of sale. Complete terms and conditions can be found on the SPSS Web site.

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Does SPSS accept credit card payments?

SPSS accepts Visa, American Express, MasterCard, and Discover. Several local territories do not accept credit cards. For specific local payment methods, please contact your local SPSS office.

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Does SPSS charge sales tax?

Unless your organization is tax exempt SPSS charges the sales tax that is appropriate in your local area.

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How do I register my SPSS software?

If you purchased your SPSS software directly from an SPSS sales representative your software is already registered with SPSS Inc. If you purchased your SPSS software form the SPSS Web site (in the United States, Canada, or the U.K. ) or from an SPSS distributor, you can register your product on the SPSS Inc. Web site.

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How can I receive an evaluation copy of IBM SPSS Statistics software?

Trial versions of SPSS software titles are available from the download section of the SPSS Web site.

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Where are the CDs for the IBM SPSS Statistics add-on modules I ordered?

The original CD you received with your order of software contains all modules. If you purchased a module, you can use the original CD and simply unlock the module with an authorization code. You should have received your authorization code on a stand-alone sheet within the product packaging, or the code can be accessed via your Asset Management Portal.

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Are user manuals available for IBM SPSS Statistics and add-on modules?

If you receive a physical shipment of SPSS media, the software generally ships with a separate CD containing PDFs of other relevant documentation.

In addition, all documentation available with SPSS software products is available for download at www.spss.com. You will need to register and log-in to the site. Once you are logged in, you can click on the Documentation portion of the Support site, and navigate to the product and document you need.

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Can I order a replacement CD for IBM SPSS Statistics?

IBM SPSS Statistics is currently at version 18. You may contact your sales representative if you need a replacement copy of SPSS 18 (United States and Canada).

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How do I contact SPSS Customer Service?

You can send e-mail to SPSS at spsscs@us.ibm.com. In the United States and Canada you may call 1.800.521.1337, between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Central time, Monday - Friday. Outside of the United States, please contact your local SPSS office.

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