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Visit the all-new Developer Central at IBM.com's DeveloperWorks site. Find downloads, interact with SPSS users and developers on open forums, read informative articles and more.

Stay here on SPSS.com to download the programmability plugins and Essentials.

Articles and Documentation

Find great articles and other documentation at SPSS Developer Central.


Extension Commands on Developer Central

Provides a catalogue of extension commands authored by SPSS Inc. and available from Developer Central.

Writing SPSS Extension Commands

Explains how to create SPSS Extension Commands

How To Use Downloaded Python Modules

This is a short brief explaining how to get started using the Python modules available at SPSS's Developer Central.

Developer Central Announcements

Plugins Download Page

Look here to find the right plug-ins for your version of SPSS, PASW Statistics, or IBM® SPSS® Statistics. For IBM SPSS Statistics 19, the Python and R Plug-Ins are now bundled with the Python and R Essentials installers for all platforms.

Programming and Data Management for SPSS Statistics 18

The excellent Data Management book, available for free from SPSS Inc., has been revised and updated for PASW Statistics 18. Take a look at this great new edition.

R Resources

Go here to obtain the tools for using R within PASW Statistics.


Download code and tools from SPSS and the SPSS user community.

SPSS Developer Forums

Share code, solve problems, and be more productive - access SPSS Developer Forums now.

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