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Enabling the Predictive Enterprise with Predictive Analytics

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What Does Predictive Analytics Do For My Organization?

Predictive analytics informs and directs decision making by applying a combination of advanced analytics and decision optimization to an organizationís enterprise data, with the objective of improving business processes to meet specific organization goals.

Predictive analytics offers numerous advantages for organizations that recognize the inherent value locked within their existing enterprise data. Strategically, predictive analytics provides a quantitative foundation for rapidly identifying, objectively evaluating, and confidently pursuing new market opportunities. Tactically, predictive analytics identifies precisely whom to target, how to reach them, when to make contact, and what messages should be communicated.

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Organizations that incorporate predictive analytics into their daily operations in this way improve their business processes, enhancing decision making and gaining the ability to direct, optimize, and automate decisions, on demand, to meet defined business goals. Through predictive analytics, they not only better manage the present, but also increase the probability of future success. In doing so, they become Predictive Enterprises.

Predictive analytics connects data to effective action by drawing reliable conclusions about current conditions and future events.

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