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Achieving Results with a Proven Approach

SPSS has provided consulting services to companies worldwide for more than 35 years, combining industry best practices with our proven analytical approach. SPSS was a founding member of the consortium that developed the methodology known as the CRoss-Industry Standard Practice for Data Mining (CRISP-DM). In our data, text, and Web mining engagements, we follow this process, in order to develop effective solutions to meet your needs.

Deployment flowchart
CRISP-DM focuses data mining on model deployment that delivers quantifiable business returns. Click image to enlarge.

Meet specific needs with customized solutions

Our goal is the same as yours‐to provide an efficient and effective solution to resolve your business issues. SPSS Worldwide Services' expertise, coupled with our proven approach to predictive analytics, enables you to complete your project more quickly and meet even the most aggressive deadlines. Based on your preferences and needs, we can assist with any or all of the critical tasks described above.