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The IBM SPSS Academic "New Deal" program enables you to choose the pricing, licensing and packaging options that work best for your institution.

Your institution is facing tighter budgets and limited resources. At the same time, you need to provide your students, faculty and staff with improved access to analytical software. The "New Deal" is designed to help you gain the maximum value and flexibility from your software investments so you can plan and budget more effectively.

  • Extend the use of software to off-campus locations
  • Pick and choose only the analytical products you need
  • Utilize your software on different operating systems

Product Framework

IBM SPSS Academic "New Deal" Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This section answers some of the most commonly asked questions about the Academic "New Deal" program. For additional information, please contact your IBM SPSS sales representative.

General Q&A

Q. Why did SPSS introduce the "New Deal"?
A. The "New Deal" was created in to meet the ever changing needs of academic institutions across the globe and provide total flexibility and empowerment regarding product selection, license, budget and contractual needs.
Q. Will the "New Deal" save me money?
A. The "New Deal" was designed to save money and cut costs. The campus licensing option eliminates the cost of purchasing incremental licenses during the year. It also eliminates the need to administer and track license use, reducing valuable time and cost from managing license compliance. The "New Deal" bundles include a built-in discount, so the more you buy, the more you save. Finally, the various contract riders ensure that you only purchase what you need and, for many, will represent a significant savings.
Q. What are the key components of the "New Deal"?
A. The "New Deal" consists of four key components: 1) campus licensing; 2) contract riders for student home use and hospital use; mixed platform access and price assurance; 3) product bundles for statistics, data and text mining and data collection; and, in the near future, 4) curriculum support and faculty/student recognition.
Q. Who can benefit from the "New Deal"?
A. The biggest beneficiaries will be the IT administers, professors, students and researchers. The "New Deal" is applicable for teaching, learning and non-commercial research purposes. A separate program is offered for back office administration use. Please contact your sales representative for more information.
Q. If I choose to participate in the "New Deal" will I have to sign a new agreement?
A. Yes. However, the basic terms and conditions have not changed. The new agreement simply incorporates the various aspects and provisions set forth as part of the "New Deal" Program.

Contract Riders

Q. What is the Student Home Use Rider?
A. The student home use rider allows the university to provide license copies for student home and off-campus use. The license itself will reflect the software products selected by the institution as part of the "New Deal" Program.
Q. Can the university recover licensing costs from the students and/or sell the license to the student?
A. Cost recovery for licenses provided to the students under the rider is permitted. However, licenses may not be marked-up or resold. If the university chooses to do so, it can purchase and resell the GradPack product.
Q. What if the university would prefer to have students take care of their own software requirements?
A. It is not a problem. Students can purchase one of seven GradPack options from their bookstore or from online resellers. The GradPacks parallel the campus bundles and include IBM SPSS Statistics Base, IBM SPSS Statistics Standard and IBM SPSS Statistics Premium, as well as IBM SPSS Modeler Premium and IBM SPSS Data Entry Premium.
Q. What is a Hospital Rider?
A. Universities that own (or partially own) a teaching hospital or medical center may elect to extend their "New Deal" license rights to the faculty and students of that entity. Use of the software is restricted to teaching purposes and non-commercial research.
Q. Can the university extend the rights to more than one hospital?
A. Yes. However, each distinct medical operating group (e.g. Hospital A, Hospital B, etc.) will need to have its own rider.
Q. Can affiliated hospitals be added under the rider?
A. Yes. They can be added under the rider, if the hospital has a material ownership interest in the affiliated medical institution.
Q. How does the Hospital Rider affect me if our current license already allows hospital use?
A. You can continue on your current licensing and pricing plan, enjoying the benefits as defined under that program. Should you choose to transition to the "New Deal" and wish to maintain the licensing provisions for the hospital, a rider would have to be added.
Q. What products will the hospital be authorized to use under the "New Deal" rider?
A. The hospital will enjoy the use of the same New deal products that are licensed by the university. Of course, the hospital can always choose to supplement this offering outside of the context of the "New Deal" parameters.

Campus Licensing

Q. If I purchase a Campus Edition License, am I required to purchase the specified product bundles or riders?
A. No. You may choose any combination of riders and products. We are here to meet your needs.
Q. Can I choose individual modules for the Campus Edition if I do not want the product bundles?
A. Yes You can mix and match products to create your own unique Campus Edition offering.
Q. Is there a server version of the Campus license?
A. Server versions are typically available for most products and can be purchased to complement a Campus Edition product mix. The server version is not required for campus use, but it does allow for greater processing capacity when working with large data sets or complex models.

Products and Services

Q. Can I mix and match between various product offerings, such as Campus Edition, authorized user licenses, concurrent licenses and shrink wrapped products (e.g. GradPacks)?
A. Absolutely. The strength of the "New Deal" is its ultimate flexibility to allow an institution to model its own specific needs.
Q. What is the term of a Campus license?
A. The Campus licenses are based on an annual term, aligning with how institutions typically budget and providing for year-over-year modification to the license components or riders.


Q. How does the "New Deal" affect my current consortia licensing plan?
A. It does not. The "New Deal" program is completely separate from your consortia plan. You determine how best your needs can be met. You can continue with the consortia, transition to the "New Deal," or combine the benefits of both. As consortia arrangements come up for review, aspects of the "New Deal" may be evaluated and incorporated as interest dictates.
Q. Can I purchase a set number of authorized or concurrent users, rather than take on an unlimited use agreement?
A. Yes. We have various options to choose from when selecting license types. These include authorized, concurrent, or a combination of those. Even better, you can determine which products are placed under which license types.
Q. Are there discounts for multi-year or multi-campus agreements?
A. Your account representative can help you realize the maximum economies of scale when looking at multi-campus or extended term agreements.
Q. Does the "New Deal" include subscription and support services?
A. Yes. Institutions participating in the "New Deal" will receive access to upgrades, the knowledge center and telephone support as required.
Q. How are "New Deal" products delivered?
A. Both physical and electronic (ESD) delivery of software products are supported (where applicable) as part of the "New Deal."
Q. Can a university continue with its existing contract?
A. Yes. Customers are able to continue along the guidelines already in place in terms of their product, program, licensing options, consortia benefits and support and services. The "New Deal," with its campus licensing, contract riders, and associated supporting content and material is completely optional.
Q. Can I still add "New Deal" type benefits to my existing contract?
A. Yes. Many of the "New Deal" parameters are available to augment and complement your current SPSS relationship.

Features and benefits

The New Deal gives colleges and universities the flexibility and empowerment to mix and match requirements, including product mix, operating systems and options for extended use. These unique features help you control costs and make it easier to plan and budget from year to year.

Choose one licensing plan for your entire campus

The Campus Edition licensing plan allows a university to provide unlimited access to authorized users. Institutions do not need to assign named user licenses, track concurrent usage or worry about which user will be locked out next. This licensing plan provides institutions with greater flexibility and scalability to meet the demands of the student body and faculty. The Campus Edition is available for the statistics, data and text mining and data collection family of products and is offered in our most popular product bundles. Note: We also offer named, concurrent and server license types, which may better meet the needs of some institutions.

Pay only for the options you need

Contract riders offer you the mix-and-match flexibility to purchase software according to how it used and distribute technology based on your unique requirements. The rider series is the perfect complement to the Campus Edition license, and can also enhance many of the traditional license types. Choose from these options:

  • Student Home Use Rider - allows students to access IBM SPSS software at home or off campus
  • Hospital Rider - enables authorized users in university-owned hospitals and medical facilities to access applicable licensed software for teaching and non-commercial research purposes

Purchase software in convenient bundles

As part of the "New Deal," you can choose from a number of new bundles that will save you time and money. Designed and priced to place the entire product portfolio in reach, the "New Deal" bundles are a perfect way to meet the demands of every department. Packages are available for the following products and modules.

IBM® SPSS® Statistics

Enable students and faculty to get more sophisticated insights from their data with our comprehensive data analysis workbench. Several bundles are available to meet the needs of your campus:

IBM® SPSS® Modeler

Get the data mining workbench that leverages both structured and unstructured data to discover hidden relationships and anticipate the outcomes of future interactions.

IBM® SPSS® Data Collection

Invest in the software that helps capture insight into people's attitudes, preferences and opinions to improve and direct decisions. The following Campus Edition is available:

For information on how to purchase any of the packages or modules listed here, please call 1.800.543.2185 in North America.

Mining in Academia Program

IBM SPSS Mining in Academia Program (MAP)

Expertise in data mining and predictive analytics is an exceptionally valuable resource for employers and will continue to be a high growth area for years to come. Based on industry analyst research studies, globally, it is the fastest growing IT software category for company spending and predictive analytics (capabilities) will outpace available skill sets in 80 percent of organizations.

To ensure that educational institutions have access to these leading-edge technologies, we now offer the IBM SPSS Mining in Academia Program (MAP) as part of the IBM SPSS Academic New Deal. This program provides no-cost use of IBM SPSS Modeler Premium data mining and text analytics software for classroom teaching and research.*

Why join MAP?

  • Students will have a competitive advantage upon graduation
  • Educators will be equipped with the most powerful analytical tools for predictive analysis
  • Researchers will have the right technology at their fingertips to provide deeper insights into their data

How do I join MAP?

It is very easy to join MAP. All you have to do is download the application, complete it and return it to us by fax or email. Soon afterwards, we will provide you with the software.

* Annual, campus-wide license for the use in teaching, learning and research

Questions or comments? Email us at

Need more help or pricing information?

Contact a sales support specialist at 800.543.2185 or via the web.



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