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Become a Predictive Enterprise

The Quest for Competitive Advantage

Markets are changing. Competitors are catching up. Customer expectations are rising. Innovation is harder to achieve and even harder to sustain than ever before. The ever-changing global economy is forcing organizations to find new ways to compete.

SPSS Solutions help companies find and implement new sources of competitive advantage through predictive analytics. This is the journey of the Predictive Enterprise.

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    Erick Brethenoux on the perfect storm which is making convergence so powerful.

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    Jack Noonan, former President and CEO of SPSS Inc, on the predictive imperative.

Analytics Everywhere

When you integrate analytics into key business processes, then the right decisions are made and the best actions are taken on a consistent, repeatable basis.

Sustainable Innovation

How do you differentiate from your competitors? It's a simple formula - Intellectual Property + Sustainable Innovation; and customer intimacy drives them both.

SPSS predictive analytic Enterprise Solutions address interconnected business objectives across your entire organization, with a focus on full convergence of analytics, architecture, and business process. Gain unparalleled customer intimacy, and drive both intellectual property and innovation.

Discover more about becoming a Predictive Enterprise. Learn how to know your customers better than they know themselves, find out how convergence will transform your business and how it can help you, and discover why SPSS can help you achieve sustainable competitive advantages like nobody else.

Create a Dialogue with Your Customers

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    The New Loyalty Landscape: How to Retain the Right Customers watch »

Relationships Through Conversation

What if you could have a personal dialogue with all of your customers? Not just a simple conversation, but a true dialogue representing their words, their actions and even their attitudes and beliefs. When you know your customer, individually and intimately, realizing profitable relationships with them becomes that much easier.

From Customer Data to Interaction

SPSS Solutions not only incorporate the full customer view through data, but also dynamically capture every interaction with your customer—continuously enhancing and expanding the wealth of people data and creating richer customer profiles.

By leveraging all interaction points (in-person, paper, phone, and web), SPSS Solutions facilitate data capture and foster a relationship between you and your customer. The process is unending:

  • The more you know of a customer's behavior, the better you can tailor your interactions.
  • As you gain your customer's trust, he or she will increase the depth and frequency of interactions—further improving your predictive models.
  • Ultimately, you'll make better decisions for all of your customers—offering the right product or service for the right person at the right time.

Improve Results

The primary goal of predictive analytics—and the predictive enterprise—is to improve results. When you know what to expect, you can respond proactively. In order to change outcomes, you must act on this new-found customer knowledge.

With more than 40 years of experience, SPSS is a domain expert in predictive analytics. Bottom line, our expertise improves results.

From a Million to One

Having a conversation with a single customer is the realm of CRM. Having a personalized relationship with millions of customers, individually, at once, is the realm of SPSS Predictive Solutions. Create personalized interactions on a large scale with SPSS Predictive Solutions.

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    "Turn Customer Interaction Into Money"

    Predictive Solutions drive profitable revenue growth with customers. read »

Convergence of Analytics, Architecture, and Business Process

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What Is Convergence?

Convergence is the alignment of analytics, architecture and business process to create sustainable innovation. This isn't a future phenomenon - it's occurring every day in data-rich organizations that are looking for innovative ways to compete in challenging markets.

Driving Analytics

An explosion of interest in predictive analytics has organizations rethinking their entire analytics strategy. Competitive organizations are now treating analytical assets and processes as important intellectual property. Combine predictive analytics with superior architecture and key business processes to generate unheard of ROI in any business.

Superior Enterprise Architecture

Service-oriented architecture has taken over IT infrastructure by storm. This superior architecture allows organizations to quickly respond to business needs and deliver technology where and when it's needed the most.

SPSS Solutions take advantage of the flexibility of this infrastructure and deliver open, predictive technologies that can be integrated and deployed into an enterprise environment.

Integrate into Key Business Processes

The real power of convergence happens when predictive capabilities are integrated directly into key business processes. Imagine a business where not only can you predict customer behavior, but, you can act on that knowledge where and when needed.

Convergence and Transformation

Simply put, convergence drives transformation. Convergence will cause your organization to be more predictive, competitive, and more efficiently generate profitable revenue growth by acting on the 1:1 relationships you create with customers.

  • Image link: White Paper

    "The Predictive Enterprise"

    Part One of The Customer Driven Innovation Series by Peppers & Rogers Group. read »

Drive Profitable Revenue Growth

The Five Key Business Objectives

What's the key to every organization's success? Profitable revenue growth. By creating the dialogue with millions of customers as individuals and encouraging desired behaviors, SPSS Solutions can significantly improve your competitive advantage.

  1. Attract More and Better Customers

    Rampant customer growth is not a key to success. However, attracting the right customers at the right time is. Predictive enterprises attract more of the best customers over their competitors.
  2. Retain Valuable Customers Longer

    Even in a competitive environment, the Predictive Enterprise is able to keep better customers longer. Keep your best customers by knowing them better than your competitors.
  3. Grow Your Existing Customer Relationships

    Drive profitable revenue by identifying those customers that offer an opportunity for you to grow your relationship with.
  4. Detect and Prevent Fraud

    Fraud not only cuts into your profitable revenue, but, poorly managed fraud detection can actually threaten relationships with your best customers. Predictive Enterprises better balance fraud detection and prevention while improving relationships with their best customers.
  5. Mitigate Risk

    Risks are growing in their complexity and impact to your business. SPSS Predictive Solutions ensure that you dynamically identify, track and mitigate risk through convergence of analytics, technology and processes.
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    How does Cablecom keep their best customers? watch »
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    "The Five Keys to Organic Growth"

    How to Drive Profitable Relationships with Predictive Analytics. read »
  • Image link: White Paper

    "Turn Customer Interaction Into Money"

    Use Predictive Solutions to drive profitable revenue growth with customers. read »

SPSS Solutions - The Foundation of the Predictive Enterprise™

The Right Method

SPSS's deployment methodology — pr3 — is an incremental, phased approach aligned with the convergence of analytics, business process and technology. Phases of deployment meet each of the three aspects of convergence:

  • Analytics: Identify the best analytics to solve your business problem given the available data.
  • Business Process: Embed the predictive results of these analytics within your own business processes and take action in real-time.
  • Technology: Use service oriented architecture and compatible technology to rapidly integrate with your current technology infrastructure.

pr3 can be scaled to support any size project, from single application to enterprise wide deployments.

The Right Plan

The Roadmap Planning Program (RPP) is designed for organizations that want to create a long-term, phased plan for becoming a Predictive Enterprise.

At the end of the RPP, you will receive a series of deliverables that show your current state, as well as a plan to become a predictive enterprise. The roadmap is organized into discrete phases that make transformation manageable and flexible. ROI can be measured at each phase of the journey.

In short, pr3 and the RPP, together, help you achieve the rewarding goal of becoming a Predictive Enterprise.

  • Kris Hackney, VP Enterprise Solutions, IBM SPSS, on becoming a predictive enterprise.

  • Alex Kormushoff explains how to become a predictive enterprise with the help of the right partners.

The Right Partner

SPSS has 40 years of experience in analyzing data about people and providing insight into their attitudes, attributes, and behaviors. We were the first to deploy a unique analytics methodology, which, ultimately, leverages and maximizes your existing investments. This proven track record makes SPSS the ideal partner to help you reach your business objectives.

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"Some of the highest ROI scores Nucleus has ever seen."

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