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FBTO Verzekeringen is a Dutch insurance company and part of Benelux Achmea Holding, a subsidiary of the European insurance and financial services group Eureko. FBTO has approximately 500,000 customers and underwrites more than one million car, health, home, and life insurance policies. The company's strategy is to offer attractively priced products and to grow profits by maintaining an above-average level of customer satisfaction. To support this strategy, FBTO depends on fast, reliable operations combined with optimal use of information technology.

FBTO uses only direct channels to market its insurance products, interacting with current and prospective customers through direct mail, its call center, and the Internet. Through these channels, the company has the potential to reach both its customer base and prospective clients with customized and highly targeted messaging. Approximately 200 call center agents are supported by extensive direct mail campaigns that deliver the FBTO message.


FBTO formerly marketed its products through a large number of mass mailings. However, because marketing campaigns were not targeted at those most likely to respond, there was a relatively low conversion rate of mailings to actual sales. To remedy this situation and gain market share, FBTO management set three objectives:


To reduce direct mail costs, FBTO wanted a solution that would allow it to model customer behavior, predict customer needs, anticipate customer reactions to special offers, and then use these insights to make its marketing campaigns more effective.

Because FBTO planned to transition from a small number of large bulk mailings to many smaller, more highly targeted campaigns, it was also important that the chosen solution allow its marketers to efficiently create, optimize, and execute these campaigns, without having to rely on statisticians.

To meet these requirements, the company chose PASW Decision Management Services from SPSS Inc. This application uses predictive analytics to identify those FBTO customers or prospects with a better-than-average propensity to purchase a financial product. It also enables FBTO to determine individual preferences regarding openness to multiple contacts and preferred distribution channels.

After a two-month implementation period, FBTO's marketers were able to use the SPSS Inc. solution to efficiently create, optimize, and execute marketing campaigns. Based on the probability of conversion, customers were selected for personalized product offers and prepared for subsequent interactions. Through this effort, its combined use of different channels was coordinated more effectively, taking into account the latest changes in customer behavior. The company then conducted a one-year test of the solution's effectiveness.

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FBTO monitored the effectiveness of PASW Decision Management Services by rolling out marketing campaigns in an experimental fashion using a control group. Comparing its previous approach of mass mailings to its new, more targeted approach, FBTO found that its conversion rate increased by more than 40 percent and its direct mailing costs decreased by 35 percent.

Now, FBTO's marketing team can simulate different scenarios and calculate conversion rates and mailing costs in advance. Based on this information, outbound channel and target groups are selected for each marketing campaign, increasing their effectiveness.

FBTO has also implemented SPSS Inc. predictive analytics solutions to support real-time cross-sell and retention efforts in its service call center and to generate highly targeted banner ads and other content on its MyFBTO Web site. Through these applications, FBTO has found a more effective way to hit its marketing targets.