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Educational institutions use a variety of means to prepare their students for success. They innovate. They explore new techniques and approaches while retaining programs that have proven their value.

SPSS understands this. We have more than 37 years of experience in offering software and services that help educators provide analytical instruction, conduct research, and use data to make critical institutional decisions.

Today more than ever, educators must keep many factors in mind when making decisions. Administrators, for example, must ensure that their school meets high performance standards while optimizing funding, facilities, and faculty resources. Although the details differ, the demands are similar, whether you have responsibility for an elementary or secondary school district, or an institution of higher learning.

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With all the pressures you face, it's important to know that you can rely on proven yet innovative analytical software from SPSS. Download an overview describing how SPSS assists education.

In the News: SPSS software supports education success

Babson College uses SPSS Inc.'s Clementine data mining software as part of their online curriculum.
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Customer Story: New York University

A Quantitative Methods and Psychology professor at New York University uses SPSS® for Windows® in her curriculum to free students from time-intensive calculations and demonstrate real-life problems in the classroom in real time.
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