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Reducing Costs and Risk for Insurers

In today's volatile market, insurance claim losses and unprofitable customer relationships can quickly overwhelm insurance providers. Your goal is to decrease overall costs and fraud, increase the number of new policies, and make underwriting more profitable.

SPSS predictive analytics solutions help you minimize claims risk and maximize customer value by integrating real-time analysis within your existing systems and processes. Predictive analytics uses advanced techniques to improve decision making based on historic data–empowering your organization to create revenue opportunities and reduce loss at every stage of the claims lifecycle. For example, predictive analytics can help you:

As a leading provider of predictive analytics software and solutions, we’ve leveraged our expertise to help insurance companies optimize the claims process. In fact, eight of the top 10 global life insurance companies rely on SPSS’ solutions to direct, optimize, and automate specific decision processes to meet their goals.

Learn how SPSS Inc. solutions for insurance can support your organization’s objectives, including:

Contact an SPSS representative today to find out how we can help you achieve your goals.

In the News: SPSS predictive analytics provide solutions to insurance companies by minimizing claims risk and enhancing customer relations

Dutch insurance agency FBTO Verzekeringen substantially improves direct marketing campaigns with SPSS PredictiveMarketing.
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Corona Direct, Belgium's second largest insurance agency, reduces direct marketing costs and maintains revenue using SPSS predictive analytics.
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Customer story: FBTO increased conversion by 50 percent

FBTO—a subsidiary of the Achmea Group, one of Holland's largest insurance groups—selected SPSS predictive analytics to target customers for outbound marketing activities and quickly increased the conversion rate of direct mail contacts by 50 percent.
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