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You're an expert at studying people's attitudes, opinions, and experiences. We're the experts at supporting you, offering an array of solutions and services to meet the highest standards of professional survey researchers. SPSS Inc. has been a leader in meeting the needs of survey researchers for more than 35 years, and we're dedicated to continuing to do so.

SPSS fully understands that different types of quantitative market research—such as academic research, consumer market research, product marketing research, and more—require different solutions. That's why we offer you a full range of options, both in the products we offer and in the services we provide. Our products can help you first collect data and then perform basic or advanced data analysis. We also offer services for hosting Web surveys providing sample online.

In all our offerings, SPSS uses open, standards-based technologies. So you can rely on our products to work smoothly with other software tools, and in a wide variety of computing environments. SPSS also has survey and technology experts available to customize our solutions, as needed, to your particular requirements.

Recognizing the efficiencies to be gained from online services, SPSS offers the IBM SPSS Data Collection ASP solution and the IBM SPSS Data Collection Service Bureau.

In the News: SPSS offers a full range of survey research options to collect and analyze data

Opinion Research Corporation selects SPSS survey research platform, IBM SPSS Data Collection.>Read More

Customer story: Hospital of Walcheren

To comply with national quality legislation, the Hospital of Walcheren in the Netherlands turned to Dimensions. Using this suite of survey research tools, the hospital reduced the time required to process patient care questionnaires, gaining a clearer understanding of patient attitudes and perceptions. Hospital administrators immediately applied findings to improve patient care services.

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White paper: Two Rivers: The Confluence of Data Mining and Market Research for Smarters CRM

In most companies customer behavior analysis and customer attitudes analysis are like two swift-flowing rivers that never meet. Holistic customer analysis demands that they come together. Download this white paper to learn how combining these two disciplines enables your organization to more effectively perform customer segmentation to support more efficient customer acquisition, retention, and cross-selling.
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